Amazing Claims of Bible Prophecy - CD


More than ever before people are looking at world events with prophetic eyes. In a recent survey, 59% of Americans believe that the prophecies of the book of Revelation will come true. The fact is, yesterday’s prophecies are sounding a lot like today’s headlines.

In this informative series, you will hear these six amazing claims of Bible prophecy:

  • DISC 1: The Sudden and Simultaneous Disappearance of Millions of People
  • DISC 2: Why Does the World Still Focus on Israel?
  • DISC 3: The Coming One-World Government and Mandated Religion
  • DISC 4: The Darkest Time the World Has Ever Known
  • DISC 5: Armageddon and the Conquering Christ
  • DISC 6: The New Heaven and the New Earth

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